Panel/Frac Tanks

Evaporations Tanks - Water-Holding Tanks - Frac Tanks

Fabtech high volume holding tanks have been designed to provide a large volume storage solution with a short lead-time from requirement definition to completed storage. Fabtech’s design provides a high level of environmental performance, has low visual impact due to its high aspect ratio, requires minimal site preparation and is subject to limited approval requirements. It also has a low removal cost at the end of life and minimal remediation requirements. The product has been designed to simplify safe construction techniques and construction in remote locations with minimal local infrastructure.

The patented design has been certified to Australian standards and can be configured with a number of sizes/capacities and lining options depending on the nature of the liquid being contained and environmental requirements. A fully automated environmental monitoring system is available.


  • Relocatable
  • Proven construction and in-service performance history
  • Minimal site preparation/disturbance and end of life remediation
  • Short material supply lead-time
  • Short construction duration
  • The low profile configurations avoid working at height safety risks
  • High sealing integrity design
  • Low mass design minimises site access road impact
  • Minimal requirement for plant is beneficial for remote area construction

Environmental Integrity

  • The tank is constructed with a comprehensive QA system which includes final certification of integrity by electronic testing of the liner system.
  • The liner system is factory pre-fabricated with final construction seaming on site to ensure correct alignment within the structure.
  • The lining system can be configured as a single barrier system or as a double liner system providing secondary containment for a LDRS system.
  • The LDRS system includes a central port leak detection system with an external inspection sum and pump powered by a solar panel and battery pack for operating in remote locations with limited services.

Fabetch Tank Applications

  • Water storage tanks
  • Frac tanks (coal seam gas tanks)
  • Evaporation tanks
  • Liquid containment tanks
  • Oil separator tanks


Tank Liners

A Fabtech liner is the proven, cost effective way to minimise tank erosion, extending the life of older, leaking and new tanks.

Fabtech uses and recommends a specified geomembrane for the Tank Liners. The benefits of this geomembrane over other flexible membrane liners sets our tank liners apart in terms of quality, life span and hygiene.

Fabtech Tank Liners:

  • Are food graded to WHO, NSF61 and As/NZS 4020 standards
  • Have no PVC plasticisers to affect the taste of your water
  • Can be used in galvanized, concrete and all types of tank construction, both above and under ground