Pond Liners

Water Storages, Evaporation Ponds & Tailings Storage Facilities

Fabtech has significant experience in the design, supply and construction of geomembrane lined water storage facilities, evaporation ponds and tailings storage facilities. Fabtech has the quality and safety systems, people and procedures to meet the highest standards of Australia’s largest mining, water and industrial companies with which we contract.

Fabtech trained employees have completed millions of square metres of lining projects throughout Australia in both remote and urban locations.

Fabtech has the technical and project management expertise to deliver projects on time to specification.


Pond and Dam Liners

Protect your water supplies for the summer months to come. Untouched water in your pond or dam can be totally lost through seepage and evaporation.

Pond and dam liners stop seepage and dam covers stop evaporation and algae growth, saving thousands of dollars and retaining precious water for its intended use.

Fabtech was established in 1986 and our designers and installers have more than 25 years of experience and first hand expertise in solving water loss problems, no matter what the pond size or application.

The company holds third party accreditation for its quality system, ensuring that along with material and installation warranties, customers have the satisfaction of knowing their dam liner or cover is manufactured and installed to stringent conditions.

Today’s present drought conditions typify the reasons for conserving precious water already held in ponds or dams and for preserving as much as possible for the summer months to come.

Fabtech can provide

  • Obligation free quotes
  • Budget costings for rural enterprises
  • Engineering experience to Australian standards
  • Fully warranted liners & covers for ponds & tanks
  • DIY or installed liners & covers throughout rural Australia
  • Over 25 years experience in liquid containment
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Accreditation for manufacturing and installation


Effluent Pond Liners

Effluent Ponds are subject to stringent environmental restraints due to the risk of leaks or seepage which could contaminate the surrounding environment. Effluent pond liners are an effective barrier against the possibility of such leaks and/or seepage and generally answer the concerns of most local authorities when addressing risk with effluent.

Fabtech is experienced in lining a vast number of effluent ponds Australia wide, from rural enterprise through to larger water and waste board managed entities.

Effluent is managed in differing ways, depending upon the needs of communities, with the re-use of “grey water” now a major factor in considering the watering needs of agricultural based communities. Barrier curtains are also used extensively in larger effluent ponds to maintain flow and maximize the efficiency of effluent management and/or discharge.

Generally, the preferred effluent pond liner is 1.0mm to 1.5mm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) due to its high chemical resistance. Given the high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide and other gases present in the atmosphere as well as metals and other potentially toxic elements related to the collection and discharge of effluent, it is imperative that lining systems answer the concerns of environmental engineers and the like.

Fabtech’s ISO9001:2000 accredited Qaulity System ensures that all aspects of effluent containment are addressed to ensure that lining systems for effluent ponds are task-specific and answer the needs of environment, municipality and community.


Tunnel & Concrete Surface Liners

Tunnel design and construction is an exacting science and subject to the most critical of all scrutiny due to the very nature of the finished product.

One crucial aspect of tunnel design is waterproofing the structure, with flexible geomembrane lining the most structurally logical answer to seepage issues.


If you would like more information about the different Geomembrane Liners and services that Fabtech has to offer, please request a quote today!