Announcement: Approved Installation Contractor Status

·         We are committed to being an industry professional;

·         We have increased the standard of quality in the geomembrane installation industry; and

·         We have differentiated Fabtech from other companies who do not employ the business practices required by IAGI’s AIC program.

In addition:

·         Fabtech is a Corporate Member of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) and a Company Member of the Australian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Association (ACIGS).

·         Fabtech Australia’s Managing Director is the current President of ACIGS.

·         Fabtech has a number of staff certified by TRI Environmental in performing electrical leak location surveys as an additional quality tool to complement “conventional quality” processes and procedures.

·         Fabtech has a number of staff accredited to the Construction Quality Assurance Inspector Certification Programme (CQA-ICP) for Geosynthetic and clay liners.

·         Fabtech Australia has an in-house Welding Technician training and competency verification programme. We also validate our Welding Technicians competence by ensuring that a significant proportion of our welders are also accredited as IAGI Certified Welding Technicians.

·         Fabtech Australia is ISO 9001:2008 Accredited.

Fabtech has extensive experience managing the quality risks associated with large geomembrane supply and installation contracts, in particular for HDPE geomembrane used in critical storage applications.  We are proud of our track record in successfully completing major projects such as Condabri Ponds 5 & 6 in the Queensland gas fields, technically complex landfill jobs in Victoria, and the design and construction of floating covers around Australia.  Over a number of years and based on previous site experiences, we have developed integrated material quality regimes with our suppliers to ensure that project quality outcomes are achieved.


Please call Graham Fairhead, Managing Director, on (08) 8349 2311 if you wish to discuss any aspect of your geomembrane supply and installation needs.