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Principal: Cairns Regional Council
Head Contractor: 1336368526_Image_3_Portsmith_Landfill_Cap_3.JPG
Location: 1336368526_Image_2_Portsmith_Landfill_Cap_arial__2.JPG
Date: 1336368526_Image_1_Portsmith_Landfill_Cap_arial_1.jpg

Project Scope:

Supply and installation of a 170,000m2 landfill cap to the Portsmith landfill requiring 680,000m2 of materials. The cap comprised a four layer sealing and drainage design including a thin layer X800 series GCL liner over the CCL cap. This was covered with 1mm textured LLDPE, a geocomposite drain layer and a filer geotextile. The design also included water management diversion channels integrated within the layering system, 60 gas pipe penetrations with high extension pipe boots to allow for settlement and 12 leachate sump penetrations also with high extension sealing systems. The QA regimes were exacting, including material friction testing and verification to endure slope stability and third party NATA lab testing of destructive weld samples.

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