Arrow Energy - Dam 11 Supply and installation of lining systems

Projects ~ Liners

Principal: Arrow Energy
Head Contractor: Fabtech
Location: Moranbah, Qld
Date: Nov 2009 & Mar 2010

Project Scope:

Supply and installation of 1.5mm HDPE liner with a partial geotextile cushion layer to two ponds totaling approximately 120,000m2 of surface area in two discrete mobilisations. The client required a high installation rate necessitating allocation of a large installation team accommodated in the clients adjacent camp facilities. Due to the local ambient conditions the installation was completed at night to avoid weld integrity and installed material stresses being compromised by daytime elevated temperatures and solar loading. Night time shifts were also a significant factor in the projects fatigue management strategy.

Additional Information:

The Principal places high importance on safety and environmental performance. Fabtech provided installation staff trained in Arrow’s two day Coal Seam Gas induction programme, in addition to the on-site client induction processes and Fabtech’s own site specific inductions.