Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA) - Landfill and Leachate Cell 4

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In addition to a leachate collection storage the landfill cell comprised a multiple layer system required the supply and installation of 24,500m22.00mm DST HDPE liner over a 3.00mm CCL at the SRWRA Landfill Cell 4. The liner was protected by a geotextile cushion installed over the liner.

The project required connection and integration to the existing cell 3 system while still operational. The integrity of the seaming to the existing cell was verified by electronic leak testing. The QA regimes were exacting including third party NATA lab testing of destructive weld samples and electronic leak survey assessment of the completed installation.

To optimise quality and simplify the inspection programme the panel layout was arranged to shingle down the cell with all DT samples removed from the center of the panels, and minimum panel but joints.


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