BHP Billiton - Olympic Dam 10ML Cover Replacement

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Principal: BHP Billiton
Head Contractor: Fabtech
Location: Olympic Dam, SA
Date: September 2011

Project Scope:

Design, supply, and installation of a floating cover system, including removal and disposal of the existing cover. Supply and installation of cover ancillaries including: float system, sand filled ballast system, two off aluminium personnel hatches and platforms, two off walkways to hatches and provision of as built drawings and operation and maintenance manuals.

The floating cover was required to eliminate evaporation and avoid air borne contamination. The existing cover had reached the end of its useful life and required replacement. Operational specifications required the new cover to be installed on the operating storage and needed to avoid any contamination from the existing cover entering the storage. Although located in the town of Roxby Downs the project was performed to BHP's mine safety standards.



Additional Information:

The existing cover could not be trafficked as its mechanical strength was compromised. For safe removal plant was used in conjunction with relevant working on water safety protocols and a diver was in attendance as an emergency precaution. The cover was designed as a conventional defined sump configuration using MDPE with a high level additive package. Critical cover features were factory fabricated with the un-dressed cover being finally assembled and seamed on site. The cover was winched over the full storage and temporally secured. Ballast lines were installed and the cover was carefully allowed to adopt its defined sump geometry to pre-defined set-out points before battening the cover to a concrete anchor beam. Once secure and safe the cover ancillary features could be installed.