Origin - Zig Zag Evaporation Pond

Projects ~ Liners

Principal: Origin Energy
Head Contractor: Fabtech
Location: Zig Zag Dam, QLD
Date: December 2010

Project Scope:

Construction of a 200ML associate water storage pond including: clearing and grubbing of site, set-out, preparation of laydown areas and temporary storages, site amenities and facilities. Cut and fill pond including conforming secondary clay liner, leak detection system, sumps, spillways, installation of geomembrane lining system, grass seeding of external batters, remediation of site and security fencing, as constructed drawing set, full QA document set maintenance and repair manuals. Commissioning included electronic leak detection assessment and repair.



Additional Information:

The design was provided by the principal including QA conformance testing regimes and standards. Fabtech provided a Turn-Key construction project delivering the required scope to specification to the highest safety standards with rigorous reporting requirements.