Barwon Water - Montpellier Basin No. 4

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Principal: Barwon Water
Head Contractor: Fabtech
Location: Highton, VIC
Date: June 2010

Project Scope:

Design, supply and construction of a 180ML potable water storage facility including civil works, lining and cover systems, pipe systems and security.


Additional Information:

New concrete water inlet and outlet structures were constructed within the storage as well as pipework to connect into the main water pipelines with associated valves. A sealed pavement was applied to the crest and a drainage system of gutters, sumps and pipeworks for water management was installed. The works also included an electric security fence. Fabtech was the designer and managing contractor for the project. The liner was installed over a cushion layer of geotextile due to the condition of the original concrete basin to protect the liner from punctures. The design also incorporated an under-liner leak detection system for in-service asset monitoring. A potable water certified, high performance, MDPE liner material was selected to provide the required chemical resistance, elongation performance and asset life. Reinforced polypropylene was selected for the cover to provide high levels of flexibility with dimensional stability and mechanical strength. Both the liner and cover were secured to the concrete basin with stainless steel battening attached to the existing concrete basin. A defined sump ballast configuration was adopted with multiple surface water removal sumps, filters, and pumps. Due to the storage size a number of sampling ports and diver access hatches were incorporated within the cover furniture. System commissioning including cover inflation, cleaning, disinfecting and integrity testing.