JB Swift Australia - King Island WWTP Phase 1

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Principal: JB Swift Australia
Head Contractor: Fabtech
Location: King Island, TAS
Date: December 2011

Project Scope:

Design, supply and installation of Cover Anaerobic Lagoon to abattoir waste water treatment ponds; including supply and installation of HDPE liner systems in order to implement improvements to the waste water treatment facility.

Additional Information:

To satisfy the waste water treatment plant space constraints, the liner system design was required to support deep steep sided ponds with a small plan foot print. Treatment ponds included influent and effluent pipework, requiring the design of robust penetration and pipe mounting systems which would not compromise the liner lifetime integrity. Liner installation included spark testing of penetrations, pipe support sealing systems and was otherwise conventional. The naked cover was pre-fabricated on site and winched into position over the pond filled with effluent. After tensioning the anchor trench was secured and the cover dressed with ancillaries.