Quality Assurance

Our Policy

An Australian owned company, FABTECH is the national leader in geomembrane liners and floating covers for dams, reservoirs, channels and tunnels in such industries as mining, resources, potable and waste water containment, waste management and agriculture. FABTECH is part of E&A group of companies. E&A Limited is a South Australian based investment company with a diversified investment portfolio of industrial businesses that provide services to the mining, resources, defence petrochemical and water industries.

FABTECH’s major activities include:

  • The design, fabrication and installation of geomembrane liners and covers for the containment of waste water, toxic wastes (both solid and liquid), and landfills.
  • The design, fabrication and installation of geomembrane liners and covers for potable water.
  • The design, fabrication and installation of bio-gas recovery systems.
  • Project management.

Fabtech staff has a wealth of experience and expertise that is used to design, produce and promote continual development of their products and services with the aim of always meeting the customer’s expectations in producing quality products on time and at competitive prices with a focus on client satisfaction.

Personnel at every level of the Company are made aware of this commitment and are involved in the implementation of, and accept responsibility for, their role in this quality system.

Our company understands quality to be Conformance to Requirements and satisfying the needs of our customers. Our goal is to generate business growth through continuous improvement initiatives, including technical expertise, staff development, and system and product evaluation, whilst simultaneously monitoring market requirements making FABTECH the first choice in the industry.

We believe that for long term success the provision of quality products and services are essential. To ensure quality products and services are provided; FABTECH has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001 2000.

This Quality Management System establishes the responsibilities and documented procedures necessary to ensure our customers have complete confidence in FABTECH ability to meet their specific requirements for the conformance of quality products, supplies and services provided by FABTECH workshop and sites.

This policy is issued to clearly indicate the strong commitment by management towards the achievement of quality in all our activities. The support of every employee to the Quality Management System and continuous improvement is sought, to ensure the quality of our products and services is maintained.