Our Policy

Fabtech is committed to responsible environmental management and believes that potential environmental impacts of our business activities can be effectively managed.

Fabtech believes that responsible environmental management is a shared responsibility between all personnel at all organisational levels and ranks equally with other operational considerations.

Fabtech is committed to compliance with the relevant legislative requirements applicable to each area of our operations and has adopted AS/NZS 14001 as our minimum standard to ensure a planned and systematic approach to responsible environmental management

Fabtech is committed to:

  • promotion of responsible environmental management;
  • informing all personnel of their environmental responsibilities through consultation, training and distribution of appropriate information;
  • identification of environmental hazards, the assessment of risks and the implementation of risk control measures;
  • controlling waste producing activities based on the principles of reduce, re-use, re-cycle and appropriate disposal;
  • promotion of energy efficiency and conservation of resources;
  • avoiding the pollution of land, water and air;
  • avoiding disturbance to known sites of archaeological, historical and natural significance;
  • protection of native flora and fauna.

Continuous improvement will be achieved by the ongoing development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of appropriate policies and systems of work that provide guidance and instruction to all company personnel and subcontractors in accordance with legislative requirements and industry, customer and community standards and expectations

This policy statement shall be prominently displayed at all company worksites and is endorsed by myself as the authorised representative of Fabtech.

Managing Director